Welcome to the second edition of DAB

Being confined to home certainly gives ‘lots of food for thought’ time. I have two related themes to share with you.

Dress for your Mood

We all have days when we just can’t be bothered and others when we long for a reason to dress up a bit. It’s so easy (and understandable) when in isolation, to have more of the former. Clothing can be a little bit like comfort eating, when wearing your favourite sweater is the equivalent of eating your favourite bar of chocolate (because you like it). Except we all know what happens if we eat too many of our favourite bars of chocolate! Similarly, that ‘go to’ item of clothing will soon start to show signs of wear and tear and you, will start to lose any sense of style identity. You may also come to resent it post lockdown because that’s exactly what it now represents.

Switching looks, whilst at home can be very therapeutic and can help break up the monotony that each day is in danger of feeling like the last. A change of clothes as appropriate,throughout the day can also help with giving your day structure by differentiating activities.

       Jan’s three point plan:

1. Consider, then write down, what a typical day in lockdown might look like for you.
2. Against each activity, note what mood you need to be in to undertake that task or activity.
3. If you were to be observing yourself undertaking each activity think, ideally what would you be wearing to make you feel your best?

Hypothetical example



Relaxed Focused 

Catching up with news, planning the day ahead Your favourite Cyber Jammies!



Domestic Chores & daily exercise Your casual ‘comfies’. 

Eg Postcard &/or Robell 




Quick snack


Column 3 Value 3




Face-Time friends/family Pretty summer day dress. 

Latte or Saint Tropez 




Winding down or preparing to spend it with a partner s above over dinner. Your glam. loungewear after dinner.

Postcard or Mey!

Your day may look completely different, but you get the point.

Be Mindful of your Colour Vitamins!



Yes, that’s right, did you know that the colours you wear have Vitamin properties? You may not physically digest them like you would your Vitamin C, however, they can influence psychologically how YOU feel when wearing them and how OTHERS may feel when they see you. Here’s a little taster for you how this might manifest itself in your reality.

If PINK is your favourite colour, great. Just be mindful, it is considered the most ‘girlie’ and ‘flirty’ of colours and whilst it may make you feel feminine, it’s very difficult to be taken too seriously in male company when wearing it.

If RED is your thing, I’m sure you probably realise it’s both powerful, confident and if worn in large quantities a dominating colour. Others will certainly sit up and take notice! Nicola Sturgeon saves her brightest red suit for really serious press conferences. If you want to have a bit of personal self-confidence however, don’t underestimate the power of wearing red knickers! Ooh la la!!

Many of us play safe with our basic colours, and I for one like to wear NAVY in the summer. It’s smart and is considered

the most conservative and safest of colours to wear, which is why it’s

considered a great staple for items such as the classic blazer.

Some ladies as they get a little more mature seem to shy away from the   brighter colours. Even if you prefer to keep a NEUTRAL wardrobe pallet be rest-assured that natural earthy tones are indicative of a good listener. So, if you want others to feel comfortable opening up their thoughts and feeling to you, this is your wardrobe staple.

Finally if you don’t recall anything else from this blog, think about whether you want people to notice YOU and how good you look, or are you happy for them to compliment you on your pretty dress or jacket, whilst secretly thinking it would look better on someone else.

If you’ve reached this point, thank you for reading. Until next time …

Much Love,

Jan xx